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Please view the answers below to frequently asked questions regarding our medicals. If you have another question please get in touch.

General Questions

Yes. Please email with your preferred date from the online available dates. The cost is the more expensive medical plus £30 for the additional medical certificate.

Please email to arrange this in advance.

We will do our best to accommodate changes but if there is less than 48 hours notice, the amount paid is not refundable.

If you are running 15 minutes late or more we will try and accommodate you, but we may need to ask you to rebook your medical. The original medical appointment would not be refundable.

Please email

Reasons for this will be discussed with you at the time of the medical, with reference to the appropriate guidelines. Sometimes a person may ‘temporarily’ fail a medical, pending further information which may be required from their GP or Consultant. Any charge from a GP or Consultant for providing this information is the responsibility of the person undergoing the medical.

There is no refund for failed medicals as the medical has still been undertaken.

Yes – including the following medicals – British Antarctic Survey, Danish Seafarer, ML5, Oil and Gas UK and Renewables UK. It is also may possible for us to do Seafarer Medicals required by other nations, for instance the Bahamas. Please email

This is not currently a service that we offer.

No. Medicals currently are exempt from VAT in the UK.

All staff check their temperature before work and will be wearing PPE. Please do not arrive more than 20 minutes early for your medical and please do not bring anyone with you to your appointment. Your temperature will be checked upon arrival and if you do not have a mask, you will be given one to wear. Equipment and examination areas are cleaned between appointments.


  • Photo ID – passport, driving licence or discharge book.
  • Previous ENG1 certificate.
  • If you wear contact lenses, please wear your glasses on the day.
  • Avoid loud noise for 16 hours before your medical, as this may affect your hearing test.
  • Please bring any information about medication, medical problems or hospital admissions since your last medical.
  • Clothes you are comfortable wearing to do a step test as this is sometimes needed as part of medical.
  • A dental certificate may be required. It is advisable to see your dentist at least annually.
  • ENG1 medicals can last up to 2 years, regardless of age. Occasionally a shorter medical may be issued for medical reasons.
  • ML5 medicals can last a maximum of 5 years, up until age 65 years when the maximum is one year at a time. If an issue is identified during an ML5 medical, it will need to be sent onto the Maritime and Coastguard Agency for further review.

You will be asked to complete a questionnaire and provide a urine sample before seeing the nurse who will do your height, weight, blood pressure, hearing and vision tests. You will then see the doctor for a physical examination. Sometimes other tests are needed such as a step test, an ECG or spirometry (breathing test).

Best check with your employer what they require. Further information can be found at

HSE Diving FAQs

  • Photo ID – passport or driving licence.
  • Previous HSE medical if it is in-date.
  • Clothes you are comfortable wearing to do a step test.
  • Letters or background information from your GP or Consultant if you have had a significant medical issue since your last medical. regarding medical issues

Please ask your GP to complete this form and bring it with you.

Download Form
  • One year is the maximum time these medicals can be signed off for.
  • A bit like your MOT however, it is possible to book your medical one month in advance of its expiry date and for your new medical to be one year on from the old expiry date, so you do not lose time.

The HSE have stated you must get your GP to complete this form and bring it with you. It will not be possible to issue the medical without this. Some GPs charge for this service.

Download Form

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